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Battles And War



The powers that be,
Roiling black clouds gathering,
Pushing and pulling

Filling all spaces.
Battle is on to irradicate
The enemy.  But

It returns now and
Ever more.  Time to bring in
The extra forces

For today’s battle.

Never won or lost.
Fought daily with casualties.
Hope springs eternal.



Captured Dream

Iridescent stars
Beyond imagination.
Heights and depths of life.

Mountains piercing clouds,
Valleys of darkness,
Between these we live.

Colors of silence,
Sounds of fragrances.
Now content with peace.


My Dreams For You

I normally do not comment about my poems but yesterday was very special. My daughter was officially certified as a lay minister. When I wrote this last week, she was not on my mind but apparently she was on God’s mind.


Would you follow Me
Through the wilderness
And cities?

Through deep valleys,
On mountain tops,
Will you follow Me?

On burning sand,
Through cool streams,
Will you follow Me?

Will you follow Me
Through darkest of nights,
Noon day sun?

Do you love Me?