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The Sower II

Scorching dawn again,
Slumped body kicking a stone.
Will it ever end?

Shuffles to the porch,
Another day, Wind wailing.
Angry, resentful.

Ground cracks grow deeper,
Wells running dry, need water.
Another day.  Why?

Weary of waiting,
House cracking and shriveling
Dust piles up inside.

Creaking and braking
The porch groans while standing there,
Turns, retreats inside.


The Sower I



The gritty, stony field
Plowed by oxen, turning earth,
Stirring arid dust.

The wilderness waits
For cloudless skies to bring rain
Under the harsh sun.

Scattering the seeds,
Ravens swarm, fighting, feasting.
A tear on a gaunt cheek.


A tired, broken soul,
Sweating body, searing heat.
Precious hope is gone.