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A Memory



Drowsing in the mist
A fragrant scent stirs my soul
And wakes a desire.

Far and Far away
Sweet fragrance of memory
Softens my sorrow.

The mourning dove  coos
Nestled among the lilies
At rest and at peace.



Distant Music



Being ever far,
Ever whispering music
To listening hearts

And desiring hearts,
Awakening hearts always
Bringing grace and peace.


When Creeds Collide

This is a haiku by Karina Lovelace, my daughter that pretty much says how I feel about people acting out in the world.  http://wp.me/p12BDH-J3

Yall visit her blog, it’s listed on the side as Live With Courage.



When creeds crash into
Each other, reasonable men
Take up arms, claiming

With all their might that
They are right.  Killing, maiming
An executing.

We snuff out the souls
of good men until the land
Groans under the weight

Of the thick crimson
Sheet we spread to suffocate
All our fears and hates.

Why can’t we not put
Our Differences aside and
Live in peace with all?

Karina Lovelace

Captured Dream

Iridescent stars
Beyond imagination.
Heights and depths of life.

Mountains piercing clouds,
Valleys of darkness,
Between these we live.

Colors of silence,
Sounds of fragrances.
Now content with peace.