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I slept and dreamed of

The Universe

The Universe

The stars sparkling and blooming
Darkness was singing

Silently fragrant
Lighting lonely empty hearts
Drawing them closer –

With Love.

Lovelace II





Lingering respite
Under a cool prickly hedge
From sun washed landscapes.

Enjoying a meal,
Wine, cheese, fruit. Satiated.
Drowsing while noting

Butterflies flitting,
Bees and flowers making love,
And Ladybugs too.

Rest and contentment,
Gathering strength for final
Fragrances of life.


The Sower V

Soft refreshing rains
Bringing an earthy fragrance,
Thirsty life responds.

Seeds awakening,
Now stretching, breaking their hulls
To reach the moisture.

Sower standing with
Face raised to drink in sweetness,
Wash away sadness.

Children in puddles,
Water and mud everywhere,
Joy on their faces,

Thankfulness for all.