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Model From An Ad

I have started practicing drawing portraits from ads.  This is one I found in Entrepreneur mag and I used a carbon pencil. I tried to crop it in Paint but me and Paint are not getting along right now. I even Googled instructions and did managed to put a line around the part I wanted BUT, I was not able to delete the back ground. So, yall get the whole page.





I am Sian Williams, my nom de plume is Lovelace because I am a direct descendant of Richard Lovelace, a cavalier poet in 1650.  He wrote the famous line “stone walls do not a prison make”. I am also a visual artist and on the art page will start posting images and thoughts about them or subjects in art.

This first drawing is a selfie portrait in graphite. It’s more of a wanna be image of me rather than a realistic portrait. Hey! I can do this — it’s called artistic license; and I can do this for anyone.

That I can do BUT I am technically challenged so, even though this is suppose to post under the art page – ARRRGH! it won’t. Oh well.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait