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Flowers Among Our Weather Beaten Lives


Weather beaten walls       2016-02-23 11.36.30
And windows and floors of dirt.
Even there, flow’rs bloom.

Karina Lovelace


Model From An Ad

I have started practicing drawing portraits from ads.  This is one I found in Entrepreneur mag and I used a carbon pencil. I tried to crop it in Paint but me and Paint are not getting along right now. I even Googled instructions and did managed to put a line around the part I wanted BUT, I was not able to delete the back ground. So, yall get the whole page.




I am Sian Williams, my nom de plume is Lovelace because I am a direct descendant of Richard Lovelace, a cavalier poet in 1650.  He wrote the famous line “stone walls do not a prison make”. I am also a visual artist and on the art page will start posting images and thoughts about them or subjects in art.

This first drawing is a selfie portrait in graphite. It’s more of a wanna be image of me rather than a realistic portrait. Hey! I can do this — it’s called artistic license; and I can do this for anyone.

That I can do BUT I am technically challenged so, even though this is suppose to post under the art page – ARRRGH! it won’t. Oh well.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait


The Sower II

Scorching dawn again,
Slumped body kicking a stone.
Will it ever end?

Shuffles to the porch,
Another day, Wind wailing.
Angry, resentful.

Ground cracks grow deeper,
Wells running dry, need water.
Another day.  Why?

Weary of waiting,
House cracking and shriveling
Dust piles up inside.

Creaking and braking
The porch groans while standing there,
Turns, retreats inside.