Only Love

Jean Haines

Jean Haines

Quietly love
Gently love.

Quietly watch
Gently watch.

Quietly listen
Gently listen.

Just love.




Transcending Love

Lovelace II

“Hosanna, Our King!”

He arrives with palms and cheers,

Expectations soar.

Excitement abounds,

Our warrior King has come     then

disappointment looms.

Betrayed and Denied

Mock court shouts “GUILTY!”

Bones stripped bare, nerves screaming

He pours out His life.

Cross drops into hole,

Everyone laughs at the moans

mingled with a thud.

Heaven is groaning,

Earth trembles and shakes apart.

The curtain is ripped.

Silent vigil is long.

Dewey fresh sunrise at last.

The tomb is empty.


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