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The quiet night, a
Mournful train passes through dreams
Of life’s oneliness.

Memories, bits and
Pieces, life seeks and searches
For hope to be lived.

All that is to be.



New Life


Luring enchantment.
New place of bliss, the fragrant
Earth beckons.  Broken,

Damaged heart soothed
And comforted.  A mended
Life that has been blessed.



I am Sian Williams, my nom de plume is Lovelace because I am a direct descendant of Richard Lovelace, a cavalier poet in 1650.  He wrote the famous line “stone walls do not a prison make”. I am also a visual artist and on the art page will start posting images and thoughts about them or subjects in art.

This first drawing is a selfie portrait in graphite. It’s more of a wanna be image of me rather than a realistic portrait. Hey! I can do this — it’s called artistic license; and I can do this for anyone.

That I can do BUT I am technically challenged so, even though this is suppose to post under the art page – ARRRGH! it won’t. Oh well.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait