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The Phoenix

Once upon a time
Misery ruled.  The throne of
Deep sharp searing pain…

“Never More” sayeth
I,  banished to the hinter-
Lands of long ago.

But past makes future
And brings understanding with
Guidance of others.

No longer dying
On the shards of pain, rising—
Rebirth from ashes.



When Creeds Collide

This is a haiku by Karina Lovelace, my daughter that pretty much says how I feel about people acting out in the world.

Yall visit her blog, it’s listed on the side as Live With Courage.

When creeds crash into
Each other, reasonable men
Take up arms, claiming

With all their might that
They are right.  Killing, maiming
An executing.

We snuff out the souls
of good men until the land
Groans under the weight

Of the thick crimson
Sheet we spread to suffocate
All our fears and hates.

Why can’t we not put
Our Differences aside and
Live in peace with all?

Karina Lovelace

Battles And War

The powers that be,
Roiling black clouds gathering,
Pushing and pulling

Filling all spaces.
Battle is on to irradicate
The enemy.  But

It returns now and
Ever more.  Time to bring in
The extra forces

For today’s battle.

Never won or lost.
Fought daily with casualties.
Hope springs eternal.