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Sacrificing all
Wolf howls at the hell of life.
Nations wars of greed.

Leaving all behind:
Life, limbs, mind and heart.  Trying
To wake from the hell

That is and always

L ©2014




Blood moon, old, hungry,
Casting frozen light onto
The bare empty earth.

A lone wolf howling
Mournfully.  All life quivers
Waiting and waiting –

L ©2014

Future And Past

The last man on earth
Chained to the oceans ceiling
At the edge of time.

Looks into the past
Dreaming of flying again
With old memories.

But the future is…
All known and alonelyness
Treading empty air.

Where are new mem’ries?
Slivers of light through door cracks.
Then there is a knock –

L   ©2014




The warm sun drifts towards the horizon, the clouds catches it’s light and gives off hues of soft mauve and lavender against the fading cobalt sky.  Slowly they turn fiery with gold leaving memories behind.

As the brilliant orb begins to lower itself into the dark, then the silvery moon begins to rise.  It also casts light on the land and the earth quietly sighs as it drifts off to sleep.