Archive | August 2013

The Sower I

The gritty, stony field
Plowed by oxen, turning earth,
Stirring arid dust.

The wilderness waits
For cloudless skies to bring rain
Under the harsh sun.

Scattering the seeds,
Ravens swarm, fighting, feasting.
A tear on a gaunt cheek.


A tired, broken soul,
Sweating body, searing heat.
Precious hope is gone.


Fragrances of Life



Cool morning breezes,
The pale sky lightens to gold,
Life reawakens.

Whispering earth smiles
Refreshed from a cool night’s rest,
Dew begins to sing.

Joy of fragrances,
Flowers open, bees make love.
Lusciousness blossoms.



My Song

In my songs, I have voiced Your spring
flowers and given rhythm to Your rustling leaves.

I have sung into the hush of Your night and
the peace of Your morning.

The thrill of the first summer rains has passed
into my tunes and the waving of the autumn harvest.

Let not my song cease.