Even In Tragedy, Humanity Will Prevail

Karina says this better than I ever could. Pass it on.

Live With Courage

This week a series of events have conspired to cut, slice, bruise, and batter our human spirit. I just want to ask when will it end but I don’t because amid our dark tragedies, I see the hope that humanity will prevail poking above the ashes of the now barren landscape of our lives:

I heard reports of people who had just finished running the Boston Marathon rushing to aid those who were injured by the explosions.  These and others who ran to help disregarded any thought of personal safety because, you know, there could’ve been other bombs ready to go off at any time.  They were just regular people, not first responders who are trained to deal with tragedies, and they gave of themselves to help their fellow man in dire need.

Here are a couple of clips of what’s being said about Boston:

Mayor Thomas Menino:  “Nothing…

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