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Transcending Love

“Hosanna, Our King!”
He arrives with palms and cheers,
Expectations soar.

Excitement abounds,
Our warrior King has come then
disappointment looms.

Betrayed and Denied

Mock court shouts “GUILTY!”
Bones stripped bare, nerves screaming
He pours out His life.

Cross drops into hole,
Everyone laughs at the moans
mingled with a thud.

Heaven is groaning,
Earth trembles and shakes apart.
The curtain is ripped.

Silent vigil is long.
Dewey fresh sunrise at last.
The tomb is empty.



Last Thought

What was you first thought?
The great wall of china?

What was your next thought?
Now what do I do?

What was your third thought?
To turn back?

Did you not see the opportunities?
Over, under, around, and or through?

What was your last thought?
Give up or find a way?



As Christians, we should also celebrate this day, 15th day of Nisan in the Jewish calendar. It is a day of celebration and remembrance, and also a day and the rest of the week of living God’s providence.

Passover is about slavery and redemption and we are not just suppose to remember and talk about redemption but we are to live it.



Mountain’s dark side,
Care never shines out of eyes,
Icy winds blows.

All the jagged rocks
Cutting deep into the soul,
broken tears freezing.

Continue to climb
The hidden peak invisible.
Spirit is dying.

Beloved searches
Love, concern, worry reaches
And soothes the deep pain.