Archive | February 2013


Little one’s journey
Began sadly. Shards of pain
Neglected and ignored.




Just for once

Broken and trashed.
Power of transcending love,
Healer of my soul.

Just for today

Power of transcending love,
Keeper of the atoms. 
Cares for my body.

Just for ever.

Keeper of the stars.
Power of transcending love,
Solely for my spirit.

Keeper of all time.

Unspoken Love

I want to share with you what I saw the other day.  It was so powerful that it makes me cry.  I was sitting at the deli section of the grocery store when a mother wheeled her son to a table facing me.  He was severely disabled but very alert.  She quietly told him choices of foods he would be able to eat and somehow he told her what he wanted.  She came back with their food and sat beside him.  She would gently feed him, and watch over him as he could barely chew.  She would also make sure to help him keep neat by dabbing his mouth.  She was eating also and would quietly talk to him at the same time.  It was so obvious that he was her precious son and she loved him very much.  He knew this and did not have to be told.

And I didn’t have to be told either.