Mete Your Measure

I love it, love it love it. I wanted to share what I found. L

Drift of Bubbles

Today’s prompt was to write a measured poem – either using the word measure, the idea of measure or using a certain measure (or meter) to your poem.

I went the way of all good musicians and wrote puns. I ask your forgiveness in advance, but it was way too fun not to do it. ^_^

Sheet music

Mete your Measure

I’ve been in and out of
since I was a

Too much sax and violins,
no doubt.

Let me take a minuet
to explain my

I’m a musician
and a music
I’m no lyre,
and I try not to
say anything off-key.
I really don’t want to
but here goes.

I will make my pitch
with no trumpeting of intentions or
snares to entangle.

I just believe,
with all my harp,
the importance of working
in concert,
and if anything
my need to be…

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