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My Dreams For You

I normally do not comment about my poems but yesterday was very special. My daughter was officially certified as a lay minister. When I wrote this last week, she was not on my mind but apparently she was on God’s mind.


Would you follow Me
Through the wilderness
And cities?

Through deep valleys,
On mountain tops,
Will you follow Me?

On burning sand,
Through cool streams,
Will you follow Me?

Will you follow Me
Through darkest of nights,
Noon day sun?

Do you love Me?



Mete Your Measure

I love it, love it love it. I wanted to share what I found. L

Drift of Bubbles

Today’s prompt was to write a measured poem – either using the word measure, the idea of measure or using a certain measure (or meter) to your poem.

I went the way of all good musicians and wrote puns. I ask your forgiveness in advance, but it was way too fun not to do it. ^_^

Sheet music

Mete your Measure

I’ve been in and out of
since I was a

Too much sax and violins,
no doubt.

Let me take a minuet
to explain my

I’m a musician
and a music
I’m no lyre,
and I try not to
say anything off-key.
I really don’t want to
but here goes.

I will make my pitch
with no trumpeting of intentions or
snares to entangle.

I just believe,
with all my harp,
the importance of working
in concert,
and if anything
my need to be…

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