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Lament of Death

The deadly virus awoke very early this year.  It yawned and stretched then battled for shelf space and won.  Halloween was smushed.  No more sugar high to celebrate.  The gun went off on All Saints Day and the race was on.  Everything was elbowed, shoved and stomped on until it hit the famous speed bump, ‘Thanksgiving’.  A couple of hours to gorge on turkey and the trimmings, a short nap then back to the stores.  The orgy of spending increased whether there was money in the pocket or not.  Ah,  we can always take it back so we can pay the rent.  People became more desperate to buy before there was nothing left.  Retailers accommodated the virus hoping for a few more pennies in the till. The orgy of Greed, the new celebration.  Holidays die.  The war on them has won.



Star Nectar

Sparkling stars drift down
Into our secluded glen
On a moonless night

Filling wild wine cups.
A glistening meadow lures
All who would listen.

Gentle breeze whispers,
Wild flowers respond, fragrance
Reflects deep desires.

In closeness we sip
Luscious stars from a wine cup
Eyes drinking from eyes.

The warm fragrant night
delights our deepest closeness
Of intimate hearts.