Glutinous Corporations

No one likes any kind of writing about those among us who are suffering. This poem is not yummy, fun, nice, interesting, or etc.  Most of you will not  read this because then you will have to think about other people and what they are going through. For instance we don’t see the homeless because we are so busy talking or texting with our newest “toy”.  We are sad about people in the third world but not about those that live among us because …..?

Mega companies,
Glutinous corporations
Make profits galore.

People with sad eyes
See the economy tank,
Choosing food or meds.

The government gives
and also takes help away
To keep people down.

Sit in cold darkness
And in the heat of the day,
Hungry and depressed.

Does anyone care?
The prices and profits rise,
The gap grows wider.

Tears pour forth and life
Deteriorates for all.
Help? Is there any?


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