Fiery Furious Love

Many people are curious what inspires writers and artists.  I saw a program last year about a mama cheeta leading her cub (8 wks?) to a safer place.  She would walk a few paces then stop, scan the landscape for predators and dangers.  This gave the toddling cub a chance to catch up with her.  This scene percolated for a long time and then I wrote this poem about God leading us.  Each verse is a different attribute of God.

Wild, untamed, feral,
His steely eyes scan the land,
As He makes His way.

With His fiery sword
He gently leads us through the
Perilous landscape,

Alert for hidden,
Hungry predators who watch
For slow easy prey.

Mighty, Powerful,
Like mothers’ defending young,
He protects His own.

Lovingly He shields
An safeguards us as we are
Wobbling behind.



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